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Of Warblers and Woodrats: PGC Successes and Other Experiments in the South-central Region of Pennsylvania


Tue Feb 18, 2014    
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Bellwood-Antis Public Library
526 Main St., Bellwood, PA, 16617

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Justin Vreeland is a Certified Wildlife Biologist and one of the Wildlife Management Biologists for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. He holds the position of Wildlife Supervisor for the South-central Region. Justin will describe three programs in our area that benefit non-game animals. One is a habitat improvement project in State Gamelands (SGL) 322 along a right-of-way that has attracted golden-winged warblers in northern Huntingdon County. He will also describe a ridgetop scrub oak-pitch pine barrens restoration project on SGL 048 in southwest Bedford County. The third project is on State Gamelands 112, 121, and 067 in Huntingdon County that enhances the habitat of Allegheny woodrats.