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Conservation Issues

JVAS has had an active Conservation committee for most of its history. Our members have been active on such issues as acid mine drainage remediation, proposed highway expansions, inappropriately sited wind energy projects, advocacy for caves, wetlands and other fragile wildlife habitats, and many more. This section of the website spotlights the most urgent issues we're working on right now.

  • Sign up for the Bird Habitat Recognition Program and help promote healthy yards
  • CAFOs or concentrated animal feeding operations are a dystopian nightmare of air and water pollution. There's one proposed for Catharine Twp., Blair County
  • Hawn's Bridge Peninsula (part of the Raystown Dam Natural Heritage Area) is threatened by a proposed marina and resort
  • Heller Caves and adjacent sections of the Lower Trail are threatened by a proposed quarry
  • Neotropical Bird Conservation: JVAS is leading a coalition of groups from around Pennsylvania to partner with birders and environmentalists in Central America
  • Gas Pipelines such as Sunoco’s Mariner East pipelines fragment and destroy natural habitat
  • We ask the tough questions that other environmental organizations are afraid to raise about inappropriately sited Wind Energy Development